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Not all CBD is created equal

We have the ONLY Phytocannabinoid Rich registered industrial hemp oils, grown in accordance with section 7606 of the US Farm Bill, that are completely DEVOID of THC, but rich in all other compounds.



Our Proprietary, Patent-Pending extraction process allows us to COMPLETELY REMOVE the remaining THC without damaging, disturbing, or diluting the naturally synergistic compounds found in our plants which means that NO THERAPEUTIC QUALITIES of the plant have been DIMINISHED.


Our PATENT PENDING Nano Emulsion formula results in a 50% ABSORPTION RATE vs 10% ABSORPTION RATE of LIPOSOMAL formulated oils produced by everyone else in the Industry.


NexCel is a revolutionary company that offers superior nutritional supplements and a proven path to financial freedom.

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With NexCel you get superior products, financially-rewarding opportunities and education to help you make informed decisions.

I suffered a terrible ankle injury 6 weeks ago in which I badly sprained it all the way around from the achilles to both sides to even the top of the foot. In a moment of curiosity, I applied the CBD balm. Even the tiniest amount dramatically reduced the pain to barely noticeable levels when nothing…


Derrick - San Antonio, TX

I have suffered from severe pain for 15 years due to major neck/back injuries. At 39 years old, and after 6 major surgeries, I expected a lifetime of pain because my doctors said there was no way to fix the problem and I was doomed.I was unable to sleep, had to take 7 prescriptions (including…


Jennifer - Oakdale, CA

I have had 18 surgeries done, with 2 more to go. I am thankful for not being addicted to opiates but wanting a life with more mobility freedom and less pain. Recently I tried Vape with CBD and a .3 % or less of THC. I inhaled and proceeded to cough because of the foreign substance and it was followed by…


Bob - San Antonio, TX

I am on my feet all day and I suffer from so much pain in my lower back and feet that I can barely sleep at night. I tried the PCR Full Spectrum CBD OIL capsules, salve and nighttime oil samples because a friend recommended it to me due to her amazing results. I didnt expect much to happen…


Virginia - TX

I was an ironworker for 30 years and there is no part of my body that isnt in pain. I retired early and stayed on pain relievers to tolerate the aches and pains. My hands are arthritic and my back hurts 24/7. I thought there was no hope for me other than to learn to live with it. A friend gave me some salve and…


Phillip - Portland, OR

OK, in a burst of enthusiasm for the blossoming spring I ran out to the yard and started cutting back some bushes. In my haste I rammed my eye with the spear of a small river reed. The pain was intense but gradually subsided until late in the evening when my whole eye felt bruised and sore. I was rubbing…


Laurel - San Antonio, TX

This is Maury Kennedy & this is an endorsement for the nutritional benefits of NexCel PCR Full Spectrum CBD OIL. After 6-8 months of severe back pain, a year ago, I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer & a prognosis of 4-6 months…



I have suffered from severe back pain for over 2 months due to an injury. It has been difficult to even walk or get out of bed and I walk like Im 100 years old and feel it, too. I added the NexCel PCR Full Spectrum CBD OIL to supplement my diet and I swear that within a few days I was walking at my…

Elaine - Corpus Christi, TX

I had some friends introduce this to me the other day. Wow. In 2012 I hurt my back driving a milk truck. Another driver told me to take the air out of my seat so I wouldn’t feel the movement of the milk as much in the tank. Beating myself over the rough roads for almost a year with no air in my seat, my…

Emma - TX

I have to say that I am a believer in the NexCel dietary supplement products. I have had these nagging neck aches since January 2017 which had me seek medical help. Having gone to physical therapy, it helped to a large degree, but not entirely. As soon as the neck pain comes on, I immediately apply the…

Vince - San Antonio, TX

After years of chronic joint pain a friend suggested I use NexCel PCR Full Spectrum CBD Salve. After two applications, I am completely free of pain and inflammation! I am recommending this amazing product to all of my friends.

Margie - El Paso, TX

Last night my usually mild mannered Chihuahua suddenly took jealous attack at my newly adopted Maltese. Just as I thought things were going to get out of hand and a dogfight would ensue my friend picked up the Chihuahua and administered a couple of drops of NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD…

San Antonio, TX

My dad is a logger. He couldn’t walk very far anymore cause he couldn’t breathe good. Well he takes NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD OIL and now he is back working in the woods cutting trees at 82 years old. He was cleaning his chainsaw that he cuts trees with and he kept cranking on it to start it. He…

Dennis - VT

I was cleaning out my purse this morning and came across these compression sleeves I would wear because my middle finger knuckles were so painful the compression was comforting. I also have compression apparatuses for my aching wrist and thumbs. Well I’m here to say that my go to now is…

Darla - Fort Worth, TX

Ive been using NexCe’ls PCR Full Spectrum CBD OIL for months, when I was in pain for mild age related knee joint disintegration. Just in the left knee. I seriously thought Id have to use a cane or walker the rest of my life. Not bad enough for surgery, but horrible pain. Pain pills made me sick…


The mere fact that our products help each of us function better, is not the best thing about the company, the very best thing about NexCel is that we get to help others feel better. This is rewarding beyond commissions or success; this is fulfillment of our inner soul.

It Feels Good to be involved with a company that shares these goals with others. Just Try It, It Works.

Larry, Bandera, TX

I have to say that I was skeptical about this product having any profound impact on my pain levels. Nothing had worked and the result, depression and exhaustion were destroying my ability to lead a fully functioning life. After less than 10 days I am starting to take the absence of pain for granted.

This is mind boggling. Im so grateful to my sister for getting me started on this program. I put drops in my morning coffee and take the capsule later in the day. I am looking forward to a life with more possibilities. I wonder how I’ll feel in a week, two weeks or a month’s time.

I recommend it. I have two auto immune chronic conditions and this has helped a great deal in my day to day functioning. Just try it!!!

Vik, California

I bought some samples of hemp oil and salve from you. I had a very painful broke toe and applied the salve and within 2-3 minutes it stopped hurting. The second application lasted about 3 days with no pain. I forgot it had been broken and got too rough while drying it. The drops gave me a feeling of well being and made the brain fog go away. Needless to say, I’ve ordered the drops and I’m going to order the salve. I appreciate your help and I’m convinced that these products really work!

Margie, Your Content Goes Here

I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the NexCel PCR Full Spectrum CBD products that I received and have tried for the past two weeks. I am a 76 yr old man in Texas and have endured pain in my feet, lower legs, elbows, and shoulders for several years.

I suffer from neuropathy in both feet after having had back surgery several years ago. I can feel a dramatic difference in all my ailments after using the three above named products for this short period of time. I am reordering immediately! I can wholeheartedly recommend these products!

Get some and try it!

Jim, Dallas, TX

I’ve been using NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD oil since May, when I was in pain for mild age related knee joint disintegration just in the left knee. I seriously thought I’d have to use a cane or walker the rest of my life.

Not bad enough for surgery, but horrible pain! Pain pills made me sick. I have a friend who sells The CBD Oil nutritional supplement. The pain ebbed within 2 weeks.

3 months later, no pain. I stopped taking the oil, and the pain started in my right knee. Started the oil again and the pain went away.

I continue to take the oil, hoping the pain will stay away and possibly help my body to ‘heal’ my knees naturally, without drugs and surgeries

Joy and Smiles!

Jeri, Your Content Goes Here

My experience with the NexCel Salve has been quite unbelievable and I was a little concerned others would not believe my story. After some thought, I realized bringing awareness about the healing properties of this miraculous Salve is very important.

One evening I was busy cooking in my kitchen. Rushing, I accidentally spilled boiling water on the top of my left hand. The pain was intense as you can imagine and my skin bright red in color. Instantly, I thought to apply NexCel Salve over the affected area, which I had readily available. Since I had not used the Salve previous to that point I did not know what to expect. To my great surprise, the pain was alleviated by approximately 80% within 5 minutes and the redness was decreased considerably. I waited about an hour and reapplied a generous amount again. That was it!

Moving forward the pain was gone, redness was barely noticeable and no blistering. I thought to myself, “How could this be?” I still think back to that time in some disbelief and yet it makes me smile to know every household could potentially benefit from having a jar of this healing Salve available. It is a perfect and remarkable “go-to” for a myriad of conditions and for all ages!

Julie, Minneapolis, MN

In a matter of one week after adding NexCel PCR Full Spectrum drops and one capsule to Seth’s daily diet I saw a remarkable change in his ability to focus. I mean remarkable! Where he could not accomplish one task without repeated redirection he now completes his entire school schedule on his own. IN ONE WEEK THIS HAPPENED! I saw changes on day 2.

We have also noticed a remarkable difference in some of Seth’s other health issues, he looks and feels better today than he has in years. I’m telling you these simple supplements are so powerful and beneficial to my son’s health issues by a simple addition to his daily diet that I feel obligated to bring this good news to all who will listen!

I don’t post anything on Facebook unless I truly believe it in. I’ve seen it for myself and documented it. I’m happy to send pictures if requested. If you or someone you know could benefit from this please get in touch with me. You can have relief, you can have health! Just Try It!!!

Seth, Sparks, NV

When I was in a very high anxiety, highly stressed time of my life, a friend happened to say she had something for me. She handed me the samples I am now sending to you. Although I never had trouble sleeping, taking the CBD oil drops about an hour before bed improved the quality of my sleep from the very first time I took it!

I also took a capsule each morning, and within just a few days I found myself feeling better overall and the stress continually lessened, even though the situations which caused it hadn’t changed! I am feeling better than I have in years!!

My sister and her friend often did have trouble sleeping – they took it each evening and noticed a remarkable improvement!

Patsy, Point Venture

In November 2016, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. After a period of testing to determine what chemotherapy would be best, I started getting chemo treatments two weeks in a row, with the following week off. Typically, on the third day after receiving chemo, I would not feel well. I was extremely tired, had headaches, and just felt like staying in bed all day.

Several weeks ago, I started taking NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD supplements, one capsule twice daily. Almost immediately my third-day symptoms disappeared. I felt normal, without severe tiredness or pain, and was able to do normal things. I even went camping and did all the things appropriate to being outdoors.

My wife cannot believe how much better I am now that I am on NexCel’s supplements. It really works! Try it!

Steve, Reno, NV

I wish for my testimonial to be words of encouragement to those of you who may be feeling overwhelmed or helpless because of an illness or pains you are going through or that your loved ones may be experiencing. There is relief that is only a call or text away. These NexCel CBD products can cover a wide range of ailments. I am living proof. “Just Try It”.

First and foremost I am a God loving and fearing man. On April 13th of this year my doctor at Baylor, Scott White called me to inform me my scans showed that I had Stage 4 cancer of lungs and kidneys. Her recommendations included biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

I had decided long ago that we would not allow my body be cut up or have radiation and/or chemo. We prayed that God would give us an answer. I talked to my good friend, Steve Smith who introduced me to my wellness coach, Janet Henshaw. Janet established a holistic protocol to fight, kill and detoxify my body of the cancer.

My protocol also included NexCel CBD products that I now use daily and have for the last two months. Because of the NexCel products, I am finally gaining weight, and, experiencing a definite energy boost and sleep restfully each night. I now have an all over feeling of wellness.

I am still on my journey using NexCel CBD and my protocol and want you all to know I still need your prayers for strength.

I am now working out 3 days a week. Last week I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and used the NexCel CBD salve and the pain was gone in 20 minutes and didn’t return. My wife also says I do not seem to have sleep apnea anymore.

Janet and her protocol have brought me through to the healing stage of my journey. NexCel’s CBD is the product that is helping me to be strong and healthy and be able to testify to all that will listen.
“Just Try It”.

David, Point Venture, TX

Having spent many years in the U.S. Army Special Forces, my body took a lot of abuse as well as sustained several major injuries. To date, I have had 15 or 16 surgeries, to include 4 on my back and several on my shoulders. Due to the body abuse and injuries, I have had to live with a lot of chronic pain.

Up until now, my options were to either suck it up and live with pain or take narcotics, but recently I was introduced to CBD products from NEXCEL via a friend who urged me to just try it. I did and am so thankful for it!

I use the CBD balm, oil and capsules with great results. Within 4 days, my pain was down to a tolerable level and I could still function. To me, this is nothing short of a miracle!

I would urge those people like me that suffer from chronic pain to give it a try. People should not have to live in constant pain or resort to narcotics! Thanks to NEXCEL’s products, now I have an effective alternative.

Dennis, San Antonio, TX

I am turning 85 in October and have been in poor health for some time now. The doctors can’t seem to find out what is making me so fatigued all the time and my head is in a fog. I have no energy whatsoever!

I have been taking the PCR Full Spectrum CBD products and drinking the mineral rich, alkaline, antioxidant water for about two weeks now and I am seeing improvement with my head being clearer and I am now back to taking daily walks and grocery shopping.

I am going to continue using these products as part of my daily diet because I believe they are improving my health! Here’s to better health.

Velma, Las Vegas, NV

I have first hand experience with NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD Tincture product, and know it works like a miracle! My mother suffers from Parkinson’s. She shakes uncontrollably at times. My sister mailed her a small bottle of it about 3-4 months ago. I can give her a dropperful of the oil and within minutes, she is steady as a rock!

I have always believed in the power and properties of cannabis and hemp. I am a huge believer that big pharma knows quite well the benefits of it, and all that it helps, and it will make a huge dent in their profits. I always looked to Genesis 1:11 and Genesis 1:29. Of course newer, Man-written versions have changed the wording to include “bearing fruit”, but originally it said “I give you every seed bearing plant”. My mother is living proof that NexCel’s CBD products work. Just Try IT!

Kelly, Mesquite, TX

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