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Not everyone wants to go to the top of the earners chart and many would like to test drive the NexCel opportunity and see how fast it will go. At NexCel we want to include everyone and have created the Independent Representative program.

Our Independent Representative Program offers you an opportunity to refer NexCel’s PCR Full Spectrum CBD products and opportunity with others before deciding how successful you want to be. Here are some of the features;

  1. No enrollment fee and no monthly administrative fee.
  2. Access to all available commissions and Bonuses in the NexCel Compensation Plan.
  3. Promote to all Leadership Positions without paying a dime.
  4. Upgrade at any time to a Managing Representative.
  5. Create a great part time or professional level income.
  6. Build a huge organization of Independent Representatives.
  7. Limited access to Back Office.


  • Why do we offer this program for Zero DOLLARS?
    • Our goal at NexCel is for you and your business to excel and we created this program for that to happen. The CBD market that is THC free is exploding in the marketplace and this is your chance to take advantage of it.
  • You have an opportunity to provide a cutting-edge product that has the most advanced technology in the world for a price that is extremely competitive.
    • Our Independent Representative Program offers your friends and family the product on your own website. In order for you to establish your business, enroll new customers, Independent Representatives and Managing Representatives that you will make commissions from in your business.
  • Sometimes things that sound too good to be true ARE actually true. This is one of those times!
    • We would rather have an army of Representatives, Managing Representatives and Resellers providing a product with proven results than have the market flooded with diluted, ineffective products that are full of chemicals and solvents. Health and wellness are priorities at NexCel and not a hobby!
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